The Best Gorilla Tag Player (2024)

1. Most Gorilla Tag Playtime Ladder (Worldwide)

  • Most Gorilla Tag Playtime Worldwide. #, Steam ID, Country, Playtime (H). 1 · KirB KirB. 25,920. 2 · Marco Marco. 23,658.

  • View who has the Most Playtime in Gorilla Tag on Steam.

2. Leaderboard - Gorilla Tag Invitational - Disc Golf Scene

  • The G.T.I. Family! Gorilla Tag Invitational schedule, scores and discussion board. Gorilla Tag Invitational is a disc golf league in the Vancouver, ...

  • Gorilla Tag Invitational is a disc golf league in the Vancouver, Washington area.

3. Best Gorilla Tag Players | Discord Me

4. Gorilla Tag stats, graphs, and player estimates | PlayTracker Insight

  • All the stats for Gorilla Tag on Steam - owners, active players, playtime, achievements and more!

5. Gorilla Tag -

  • View Gorilla Tag speedruns, leaderboards, forums and more on Speedrun ... Player. Time. Date. Platform. Public or Private. Monkey Type. Game Version. Hands. #.

  • View Gorilla Tag speedruns, leaderboards, forums and more on

6. 5 Great Gorilla Tag Tips and Tricks - Reality Remake

  • 14 mei 2024 · Any Gorilla Tag player who is any good at the game will be able to catch up with you. Even if you're really good at ground running, they can ...

  • Trying to improve your Gorilla Tag game? Want to be the best Gorilla Tag monke you can be? Well here are some great Gorilla Tag tips and tricks that will make you a faster and more clever monke. You’ll get tagged less, and get more tags yourself if you keep reading. Check out these 5 Great Gorilla T

7. Gorilla Tag Steam Charts & Stats - Steambase

  • At the moment, Gorilla Tag has 1,277 concurrent players online and in-game. This is 53% lower than its previous peak player count of 2,701 active players ...

  • Gorilla Tag has 439 concurrent Steam players in-game. Explore more Steam Charts, stats, and trends for Gorilla Tag.

8. Solved: 0 players online issue gorilla tag - Meta Community Forums

  • Gorilla tag was working this morning, and i went to play it later and now its saying 0 players online, I've uninstalled and installed the app but its still the ...

  • Gorilla tag was working this morning, and i went to play it later and now its saying 0 players online, I’ve uninstalled and installed the app but its still the same any ideas?

9. Gorilla Tag Game Introduction & Frequently Asked Questions (Keep ...

  • 1 feb 2023 · Gorilla Tag can be played on your VR headset without a PC but you need to install SteamVR and use a link cable if you wanted to. 2. What are the ...

  • Gorilla Tag is a free multiplayer VR game developed by LemmingVR who is a YouTuber. The game was created in Unity and is compatible with most PC-compatible virtual reality headsets as well as Meta Quest, designed to allow for cross-platform play with both SteamVR and VR headsets. Gorilla Tag is a VR game in which playe

The Best Gorilla Tag Player (2024)


Who is the third best Gorilla Tag player? ›

#1Justin Buccola61
#2Dustin Hummel27
#3Rob Ebeling iii366
#4Alvin Natarte56
33 more rows

What does PBBV say in Gorilla Tag? ›

Before you get banned by it, the Gorilla Tag loading screen shows up but the monkey's eyes are red. It is a salmon monkey and makes noises, such as saying his name and saying "leave me be".

Who was the first Gorilla Tag player? ›

The first actual player was Eric 1 5 1 5. He posted a video about it. like him while running and playing in publics.

Who are the top 5 Gorilla Tag players? ›

Most Gorilla Tag Playtime Ladder (Worldwide)
#Steam IDPlaytime (H)
160 more rows

Who is null in Gorilla Tag? ›

Null (not to be confused with the value of zero.) is a black Gorilla Tag ghost that follows every command you tell it to do with long arms. He wears no cosmetics and will spawn by the computer and walk with a robotic-esque movement.

What is DAISY09? ›

So daisy09 is a gorilla tag ghost who goes in random lobby's or ghost codes or banned servers that is either cyan or pink and she plays the song daisy bell and goes to the leaderboard and chooses who to kick or ban and she'll ban whoever she picks the creator of this ghost is unknown but some people think it's pumpkin ...

How long does DAISY09 ban you for? ›

It will point at your name, either on the leaderboard or directly, and chase you. If it catches you, you will be banned for an extra 6 weeks from Gorilla Tag. It plays the song Daisy Bell, composed by Harry Dacre in 1892. Daisy09 plays a different version of Daisy Bell: one from a computer from 1961.

How do you say hello in Gorilla? ›

Similar to humans, gorillas often touch noses to greet each other when conditions are calm. This is such an expressive way for them to greet each other. Occasionally, gorillas will even give reassuring embraces.

Is Gorilla Tag still popular? ›

These figures make Gorilla Tag one of the most successful and most popular VR games to date. Not only are lots of people playing the game, Another Axiom also revealed the average playtime is nearly 60 minutes. That's doubly impressive considering how physical of a game it can be.

How old is Ivan gorilla? ›

Death and legacy. On Tuesday, August 21, 2012, 50-year-old Ivan died while anesthetized during a medical exam. His health had been in decline and the necropsy revealed a large tumor in his chest. Ivan was one of the oldest gorillas in captivity when he died.

Who is the most famous gorilla? ›

Koko is perhaps the best known gorilla in the world because of her sign language and artistic abilities, her relationships with kittens, and a considerable amount of worldwide media since she was a baby.

What color is Daisy09 in Gorilla Tag? ›

Daisy09 is a pink Gorilla Tag ghost that can sometimes be light blue, lavender, or it can change colors as it walks. Daisy09 plays the song Daisy Bell, composed by Harry Dacre in 1892. The actual audio of Daisy Bell is from the first computer to sing: the IBM 7094.

Was Gorilla Tag made by one person? ›

Kerestell Smith, the creator of Gorilla Tag, said that he came up with the locomotion first, with the game's primate concept coming later. “When I first prototyped that movement, I showed it off to some friends.


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